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Recoveri Tags set to become heavy hitters in the fight against USA crime!

Recoveri Tags set to become heavy hitters in the fight against USA crime!

Recoveri is now offering technologically superior micro tag identification and trace solutions for vehicles and other movable domestic and corporate assets, within the USA .
Business owner, Philip Opperman says, “The current crime situation is a major driving force that inspired the product. Having served in the Police Service, I believe that micro tag technology will provide the Law enforcement with major criminal investigative tools as well as a proactive means of preventing theft. Once an asset is tagged, the unique DNA is enacted, proving undisputed ownership. Each tag is linked to the Recoveri International database.”

Recoveri will partner with local insurance Companies by marking the 5 major assets which constitute the highest value losses in a theft, thereby adding value to the insurers through improved levels of insurer salvage. The insurance kit will significantly reduce the loss ratios which insurers see as paramount to costing premium.

Recoveri Dot is used to discretely label assets in such a way as to be able to identify and trace ownership. The micro tags are mixed into an almost invisible solution that is detectable under UV black light. With up to 15,000 coded micro tags deployed across both covert and overt areas of an asset, Recoveri Dot provides a level of identification that makes theft and the resale of stolen property unviable to criminals and syndicates. The tags are impossible to remove without damaging the item, making resale difficult.

Recoveri Micro tagging offers consumers and insurers affordable technology to identify and protect their assets against theft.
For more information, contact Philip Opperman (Contact Us)