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Interview with an Ex-Con on Microdots

Here is an interview with a career criminal and violent hijacker by a police agency abroad who reveals some facts about how MicroDot Technology has turned criminals upside down: Buy our Recoveri Microdots here

An ex con reveals to police during an interview, how to be attacked in your own home and how to get shot in a hijacking…..

"I have been a criminal all my life. I started my apprenticeship stealing hubcaps, petrol, and car radios. Then you mugs started to put alarms into your cars, so I became an electronics expert. I could steal any car in under a minute. Then you guys thought you were very clever when you started to install tracking devices. All you did was force us thieves to become hijackers. You see, in order to get the car to the fence, I needed to make sure I had an hour before the tracking company knew that I had stolen your car.

So, I am forced to shoot you, or take you hostage and dump you somewhere far away. We used to be craftsmen, now any idiot with a gun can hijack a car"

"The same goes for your house. In the old days I used to stake out your house, plan the job, then wait for you to leave. Now I wait for you to come home, that way I don't have to be an expert on alarms. You see, I steal for money. I don't keep your cr*p; I sell it. "

This dialogue pretty much sums up the evolution of crime in our country. Better technology has forced thieves to become more confrontational in their trade. This new barbaric approach to stealing has also now introduced an influx of unqualified bandits to ply their trade on the decent law abiding citizens. It's the unqualified bandits that must concern you the most. Their inexperience makes them unpredictable, and often results in serious injury, or death.

Where am I taking you with this history lesson on crime? In our quest to prevent criminals from stealing our goods, we have increased the risk and threats to our family's personal safety. There are two things that do not change.

* Thieves are going to steal. Introduce new technology, they will find a way around it. Unfortunately, technology has forced them to become confrontational and violent.
* Thieves steal for money.

Logic therefore tells me, that if I could find a way, of informing a potential thief that my assets are not worth anything on the second hand market, he would probably leave me alone, and go and find a target whose goods are worth something.

Ironically, there is a way to do this, and this technology dates back decades. In the two world wars, spies used this technology to smuggle information, so what I am about to tell you is not new.

I am talking about microdots. Before I explain to you what a microdot is, read first what the ex con has to say.

The ex con goes on to reveal

"…but now the fences won't buy cr*p that is contaminated with these dots. You see, the cops know who the fences are, but have not been able to bust them because they cannot trace the goods back to the crime. But with these dots, they getting clever, and are busting the fences for buying stolen goods. So the fences don't touch anything that is contaminated. They call them 'sick' goods. I can tell you one thing and one thing only. If I am staking out a house, and it has dots on its stuff, I would rather go to your neighbour. What purpose is there in going through the hassle of poisoning your dog, tying you and your family up, loading all your cr*p in a bakkie, and having a shootout with your armed response, if I can't sell the goods?"

So, you ask. What is a microdot? 
A microdot is a miniscule 1mm by 1mm transparent information disc onto which is etched a series of lines of text containing a unique Asset Identification Number or Name repeated across the disc.

Thousand of these microdot discs are then mixed into a polyurethane solution which is both a transport medium as well as the adhesive to deploying them across areas of an asset. The solution contains an Ultraviolet material which when exposed to the UV black light will glow a blue hue indicating the presence of Recoveri Dots. The solution dries in a hard, clear finish almost invisible from the surface it is on, leaving the microdots firmly fixed in place.

How does it benefit you?
By micro dotting your assets you are rendering them useless to any potential thief because they become too risky to handle and more difficult to re-sell. You therefore reduce the risk of becoming a target by more than 50%. Owners of stolen items recovered can easily be identified by the unique AIN and items returned if recovered.