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Is my asset microdotted?

You will be able to tell if your asset is microdotted, if the asset glows under a UV light as the adhesive is Ultraviolet (UV) based.

Can anyone remove the microdots?

No, removing the microdots without damaging the asset is almost impossible.

How do Recoveri products protect assets?

Once the microdots are adhesively stuck onto the asset, the unique asset identity code is added to the Recoveri database. Criminals realize the high risk of stealing a registered asset and are deterred.

How does a Law Enforcement Agent or Policeman check if a micro dotted asset is stolen?

All the asset information is on our Hot Dot database. Follow the Hot Dot tab on our website and type in the asset’s AIN number and you will be able to identify if the asset is stolen or not.

What is meant by the term “HOT DOT”?

An item that is registered on the Recoveri database system becomes a HOT DOTTM if it is lost or stolen.

How does having an asset on the "HOT DOT" register help?

The register is accessed worldwide and therefore if an asset is stolen, law enforcement agencies all over the world will be able to assist in the recovery of the asset.

Can I become a Recoveri Dot Distributer? How do I become a Recoveri Dot Distributor or Agent?

Yes. You can send us your contact details on the “contact us” form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How can a scholar receive more information with regards to the microdot technology for assessments or assignments?

Our website contains all the information you might need. You can also take a look at our Facebook and Twitter pages. Also, check out Philip, our CEO’s Blog for more information.