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Motorcycle Fitments

Microdot Kit And Equipment

The Recoveri Microdot Motorcycle kit contains the following components:

  • Sealed Plastic container
  • Approx 4000 microdots (3000 dots required by SANS 534-1)
  • Ultra-violet light responding polyurethane adhesive solution
  • Container label marked with the microdot AIN (Asset Identification Number) as well as a scanable 2D data matrix barcode.
  • Alert label to adhere to the motorbike.
  • Brush or swab applicator.

Over and above the motorcycle kit, the following equipment is required for a fitment application:

  • Wet wipe- for immediate removal of adhesive applied in error.
  • Recoveri Vehicle registration Certificate and
  • Laptop with Internet access or
  • Rugged Smart Phone or PDA device, programmed to upload to the database


Fitment Procedure

This fitment procedure assumes that the Recoveri manual data capturing process is used:

The accredited fitment person, with reference to SANS 534-1:2010 will follow the process outlined below:

  1. Inspect the sealed microdot container. (if the seal is broken or there is evidence that tampering has occurred, do not use the contents-place the container inside the ‘empty container’ Returns Receptacle and report)
  2. Open the container and mix the adhesive and dots together with the brush applicator provided.
  3. Brush a small amount of dots and adhesive onto the Recoveri Vehicle Registration Certificate in the space provided.
  4. With reference to SANS 534-1 Compulsory Positions, begin by brushing a small neat amount of dots (about a 30-40mm diameter patch) onto the information plate containing the motorcycle Vin No. If this plate cannot be accessed or is not attached, then locate the position where the chassis Number is stamped and brush the same as above-  1/2 positions
  5. In the same manner, continue marking the other compulsory areas:
  • Chassis or Frame - 6 positions on chassis/frame
  • Drive Components - 6 positions
  • Suspension Components - 8 positions
  • Instrument Panel - 2 positions
  • Engine Control Unit - 2 positions
    If there are excess dots, then mark optional areas listed as:
  • The engine or components- 4 positions
  • Other areas - 4 positions (under seats, steering column, rims etc)