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Motor Vehicle Fitments

Microdot Kit And Fitment Areas

A minimum of 10 000 microdots are applied to vehicles and motorcycles; we are willing to fit 15 000 microdots with no extra charge. Microdots are applied mostly to the following vehicles and motorcycles components:

  1. number plate;
  2. underneath the engine, gearbox , drive shafts and bell housing;
  3. inside both bumpers;
  4. inside hood reinforcing;
  5. inside trunk reinforcing;
  6. all suspension components;
  7. back axle and differential;
  8. Inside parts of the openings of the structural car body parts;
  9. inside openings in body structural members; or
  10. Underneath the body of the car.


Click here to view out fitment video
Optional Positions Of Application

In addition, microdots may be applied to other areas depending on the design of the vehicle and when and where the microdots are being applied. For example, they may be applied to:
a) the insides of the doors (including rear hatches where applicable);
b) inside the trunk and engine bay including openings in the trunk and engine bay areas leading into structural areas of the body;
c) the rear of the instrument panel;
d) the underside of front seats;
e) the underside and behind rear seats;
f) inside door pillars and behind door pillar trims;
g) under floor coverings;
h) behind the roof lining;
i) front and rear light clusters (back side); or
j) inside wheel rims.

Fitment Policy Procedure

Prohibited areas of application
Microdots shall not be applied in positions that:
a) negatively affects the warranty of the vehicle (for example, electrical components)
b) negatively affects the safety of the vehicle (glass or friction areas)
Automated Job Card System

Certificate Of Application Of Microdots

The microdot supplier shall have a facility to issue a certificate of application of microdots. This is done in the form of the job card mentioned in the process above. Such certificate shall certify that microdots have been applied to the vehicle compliant to this standard. A certificate of application shall be issued as above with a soft copy in the Recoveri database.
The certificate shall contain the:
a) unique certificate number;
b) date of application;
c) chassis number or VIN of the vehicle;
d) vehicle make and series;
e) microdot identifier; and
f) name of the certified installer.