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What is the cost of having vehicle records (stolen, crashed, etc.) and dot serial numbers on the database system and how does the IT Process related to this work?
The Recoveri database is a FREE service and will always remain FREE. All insurers have access to the Recoveri database as it is available to law enforcement agencies, Auto Dealers, consumers, investigators and insurers. Insurers will be able to keep a record of what is happening to vehicles and the information is accessible on the “HOT DOTTM” register via the internet.
Will the verification of the dots to see whether a car is stolen or not, fall under the underwriting and pre-inspection processes?

Yes. Vehicles go through inspection before microdots are applied. We have trained verification technicians that sort out the process. If one of our competitors has previously applied microdots onto the vehicle, its information is put onto the same database and connected to the VIN number. The previous vehicle information can be verified to detect if stolen or not.

If the vehicle owner gets new car parts, does the vehicle have to get micro dotted again?

If 20 percent or more of the vehicle is damaged in an accident, microdots must be reapplied to the vehicle. Both the present and new microdot numbers are recorded on the database system and linked to the specific vehicle’s VIN number.

Should a microdot be coded as a PIN or a VIN number?

Microdots have, more or less, the same lifespan as a vehicle therefore if Auto Shops use used parts to repair vehicles, this may cause confusion. In order to avoid confusion, Recoveri advises people to use PIN numbers as this number can be changed and added to another vehicle’s information (making the used part legitimate). The transfer, however, is not able to be done if the part is a stolen part.

How much of the vehicle is marked with microdots?

A Recoveri marked vehicle is marked with 15, 000 microdots which enables all the important components to be dotted. All parts that are usually sold in “chop shops” such as engines, hoods and trunks are microdotted.

How much does it cost to get a vehicle microdotted?

The price differs depending on the provider. It costs between $60 and $200 depending on the motor vehicle location.