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Corporate Social Responsibilty


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is essential for companies to show their communities that they want to give back and help people. These schemes are becoming frequent in the United States. Recoveri has decided to help prevent crime and the loss of assets in poorer areas. Poorer areas are often the densest with crime that can start off as theft and lead to a more serious offenses. Recoveri has a product for such communities that is affordable and can be supported by businesses. Furthermore, Recoveri will be employing workers to become fitment specialists thus assisting in employment within the U.S.

Recoveri CSR

Recoveri has a 1,000 microdot product that is:

  • Low in cost
  • Entry level
  • Able to assist in the proof of ownership of an asset
  • For people that do not have insured items
  • A Strategy for the Less Fortunate

    Recoveri has a theft prevention strategy for poorer communities. The 1,000 microdot kit system can be applied to five of the most important assets in a household, namely: TV’s, laptops, game consoles, stereos and appliances. This means that each asset is provided with 200 microdots each which phenomenally increases the chances that an asset will be returned to its rightful owner if stolen and recovered.

    Asset Ownership

    Micro dotted items are less likely to be sold if they happen to get stolen as the asset can be traced back to the owner. Microdots are becoming the most useful, affordable and reliable theft deterrent and asset identifiers in the U.S.

    The Microdot Kit

    A single microdot is a disc that is less than 1x1mm2 and is able to hold the unique asset identity number. The microdots are visible under an Ultraviolet (UV) light. After the microdots are applied to the asset, the unique identity number can be added to the Recoveri database for FREE.

    1,000 Microdot Kit Contents

    1 x Container of Microdots and adhesive (10 ml)
    1 x Applicator
    1 x Warning Sticker
    1 x Welcome Letter with Instructions
    Co-branded to the corporate’s requirements

    Client Benefits

    Potential reduction in theft
    Indisputable proof of ownership
    Free access to the Recoveri asset register
    Proactive theft prevention
    Client ownership is noted in the Recoveri Database 
    90% chance of getting their asset back 
    Proof of ownership through the database 
    Corporate brand enhancement opportunity

    Recoveri Asset Register

    The database is a FREE system that clients can use to monitor and manage their tagged items. The Recoveri database is able to be accessed with a username and password for authentication. Law enforcement agencies can trace your assets if they are stolen. A microdotted item becomes a HOT DOTTM when it is stolen and law enforcement agencies and insurance companies are alerted. The item can be traced back to the original owner as the database holds all the relevant asset information and proof of ownership.