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Recoveri USA Lands in Hawaii!

Recoveri USA is proud to announce that we have recently signed Wendell Takata as our Hawaii distributor. Wendell is a retired Honolulu PD Auto Theft Detective and shares the Recoveri passion for protecting your assets from the criminal element.  If you are a resident or business located in Hawaii, you can rest easier knowing that our Recoveri Microdots will increase your recovery rate on stolen assets up to 90%.

You can contact  Mr. Takata and get your automobile fitted with 15,000 Recoveri Microdots, as well as two window decals that have been proven to deter theft up to 70%.  For your smaller personal assets such as cell phones, jewelry, computers, televisions, game consoles, power tools and firearms, you can purchase our 1000 and 3000 dot kits.

Interview with an Ex-Con on Microdots

Here is an interview with a career criminal and violent hijacker by a police agency abroad who reveals some facts about how MicroDot Technology has turned criminals upside down: Buy our Recoveri Microdots here

An ex con reveals to police during an interview, how to be attacked in your own home and how to get shot in a hijacking…..

"I have been a criminal all my life. I started my apprenticeship stealing hubcaps, petrol, and car radios. Then you mugs started to put alarms into your cars, so I became an electronics expert. I could steal any car in under a minute. Then you guys thought you were very clever when you started to install tracking devices. All you did was force us thieves to become hijackers. You see, in order to get the car to the fence, I needed to make sure I had an hour before the tracking company knew that I had stolen your car.

"Old School" Microdots

  How did microdots originate?

Imagine being able to put a whole document or photographic information onto a 1mm2 microdot. Well it is possible; in fact people were using microdots since World War 2.

Microdots were initially created and used by Nazi spies to pass around information during World War 2. They sent and received top secret information across enemy borders thanks to microdots. Documents were duplicated onto tiny microdots that were not easily visible. The technology was so hi-tech for that time that it took their enemy years to decode these microdots.